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- Connect youth to land, tradition, self and others.

- Are intended to empower, strengthen, and inspire generations of strong-healthy snksqwelixw (people). Each generation produces another stronger generation.

“…There are currently nearly 4,000 children in the state’s foster care system. Forty percent of these children are Native American, while the Native population in this state is less than 8%.” (Meyers, 2020)
Seasonal Programming

Target age range: 0-18 yrs (Dependent on program)

FOCUS: Connection to place, Awareness of self, Identity formation, Awareness of others,

Traditional Values, Traditional Knowledge,

Experiential Learning through group and individual mistakes and successes


SUMMER (sʔánɫq)

Horse Camp

Mountain Backpacking

Language Camp

Gathering (Berries)

Link foster families to cultural summer activities and programs.


FALL (sč̓ʔeý)



Gathering (Berries, Roots)


WINTER (sʔístč)

Coyote Stories

Traditional Crafts

Ceremony (Jump Dances)


SPRING (sqépc)


Gathering (Bitter root, Camas, Onions, etc…)    

Medicine Tree

Land as Place

We help children to know the land again.

We recognize nature as teacher. Our seasonal camps with traditional activities and themes offer a place where youth create their own stories and legends, where respect for one another is common, where the connection with all living things is sacred.

Our experiential learning model expresses the core values of our Salish Medicine Wheel.






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