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Our Programs:


- Are designed to connect youth to land, tradition, self and others.

- Utilize an experiential learning model.

- Are intended to empower, strengthen, and inspire generations of strong-healthy snkʷsqelixʷ (people), with each generation becoming progressively healthier.

- Follow the cycles of the Salish Medicine Wheel.

Land as Place

We help children to know the land again.


Our seasonal camps with traditional activities and teachings offer a place where youth create their own stories and legacies, where respect for one another is common, where the connection with all living things is sacred.

Our experiential learning model expresses the core values of our Salish Medicine Wheel.






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Seasonal Programming

Target age range: 0-18 yrs (Dependent on program)

FOCUS: Connection to place, Awareness of self, Identity formation, Awareness of others,

Traditional Values, Traditional Knowledge,

Experiential Learning through group and individual mistakes and successes


SUMMER (sʔánɫq)

Horse Camp

Mountain Backpacking

Language Camp

Gathering (Berries)


FALL (sč̓ʔeý)



Gathering (Berries, Roots)



WINTER (sʔístč)

Coyote Stories

Traditional Crafts

Ceremony (Jump Dances)

Morning Dip


SPRING (sqépc)


Gathering (Bitterroot, Camas, Onions, etc…)    

Medicine Tree

River Honoring

Thursdays 6-8 PM 
Old Creamery Mall, Ronan

We believe in the power of community connection and traditional crafts. The root of k̓ʷul̓m is k̓ʷul̓, an action root word encompassing the actions of making, building, doing, and working. Every Thursday, we attempt to embody this word through making traditional and contemporary Salish items. It’s a chance to socialize and learn about the rich history of indigenous artistry through the making of it. Food is provided free of charge, so come join us for a fun and creative evening! 


Pictures from Past Progrgams

Interest Form

 If you are interested in participating in our programs or have any questions, please fill out our Interest Form. 

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