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"Children once knew the land like they knew their mother's face…”


Snqʷeyłmistn; the place where you do your best.
The word given to the Salish people to call themselves is Sqelixʷ. The two root words in Sqelixʷ translate to flesh and land, we are flesh of the earth. We want to focus on that concept in everything we do, a reminder that we are so connected to the land that we are flesh of the land.
When people lose their sense of "Place", they lose their awareness of self and others in relation to the land and the legacy of their cultural traditions.  Losing the sense of place has played a part in the dismantling of families and an increasing number of children put into foster care on the Flathead Reservation.  We are here to help children experience a respected and nurtured place in the community through our programs, activities, and the building of an intentional community.
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To nurture Indigenous community through experiential learning and traditional lifeways. The organization will provide seasonal programming, ultimately developing a Salish immersion community for foster children of the Flathead Reservation in Montana.
Seasonal Programming


Our seasonal camps with traditional activities offer a place where youth create their own stories. Our experiential learning model expresses the core values of our Salish Medicine Wheel.

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Connection to Land


The connection to place renews:

  • Healing

  • Awareness of self

  • Identity formation

  • Awareness of others

  • Traditional Values and Knowledge

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Intentional Community


We envision a thriving community of resilient Indigenous families with a strong sense of Salish identity. 

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